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From site preparation to building completion, we oversee every detail of the design and construction processes. Our goal is to turn our client’s architectural needs into reality. Cornerstone’s full services include Pre-planning application advice, architectural and structural design, contract documentation provision, project and construction management, STO services, works programming and planning, feasibility studies and forensic testing and studies on damaged structures.

We ensure our projects meet or exceed aesthetic, environmental, safety, structural, and zoning standards.  Our team is committed to the innovative design, planning and management of buildings and environments that enrich the spaces and communities we work in.

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Planning Authority Applications

These are ubiquitously required, whether to apply for a new building permit, to apply for a compliance certificate following completion of works to enable application for water and electricity, to apply for minor modifications, to sanction an existing building or regularise the entire property against irregularities. Other applications also exist, for example to expedite the demolition of a dangerous structure. Cornerstone is able to help in all such cases and we offer services related to all Planning Authority applications including full and summary Planning Applications, DNOs, Compliance certificates, Minor Amendments, Sanctioning, Regularisations, Planning Control and Removal of Dangerous Structures.

Project Management

As Project Managers we can act as specialist advisors, representing our Clients. Clients’ demands for Project Managers tend to vary considerably, therefore Cornerstone’s aim is to tailor the service provided to our clients’ demands. We will develop the service to be delivered through close consultation with clients so a scope of services can be produced.

There are a number of ways of managing projects, under diverse forms of contract, and Cornerstone have the ability to recommend and advise under each form.

Architectural Design

We provide innovative design solutions for each project, whether it’s new construction, remodelling, renovation, an addition or a combination of these projects. Our designs reflect sustainable, leading-edge architecture that transcends form and function in every project we manage. We strive for timely and effective issue of design drawings and detailing.

In design terms we do not push any agenda, instead recognising quality wherever this exists, in the proportions of an elevation or the refinement of a detail. We are skilled at producing attractive, practical design solutions as well as presenting our work persuasively to all stakeholders including planning authority, local residents and of course our clients.

Structural Design

As individual engineers we have experience in domestic, retail, commercial, financial, educational and healthcare market sectors. This broad experience is rarely found within just one local consultancy.

We have worked with major clients including Methode Electronics, Co-Op Services, the Ministry of Energy and Water, Foundation for Medical Services, Foundation for Tomorrow’s schools together with other prominent clients in the private sector. A number of projects were for blue chip clients in the financial, retail and commercial sectors which required complex value engineered design solutions.

We have experience in designing and working with all major building materials including steel,
concrete, timber, and masonry on projects up to 60 million euros.

Client Real Estate Solutions

Its extensive knowledge of the local property market and legislation enables Cornerstone to extend its consulting services for locals and expatriates who are seeking to purchase property, mostly homes, in the Maltese Islands. Such services include guidance in locating the property for acquisition, executing structural and cost valuation surveys of the property, research at government authorities to help source building permits and other relevant documentation, and providing creative structural and architectural amendment solutions for each client based on their special requirements.

Cornerstone works with a range of clients from Malta, the European Union and beyond, providing the client with comprehensive solutions from start to finish.


We specialise in sustainable design, HVAC design, mechanical systems design and project management. We have worked on a number of key projects, providing a fine balance between sustainable design and M&E engineering, both of which deliver innovative conceptual building design. We also specialise in the management of complex projects from briefing and feasibility, right through to development and completion. 

Our services in this field include: