St. Vincent De Paul

Project Management

St. Vincent de Paul Residence (SVP) is Malta’s largest long-term facility. With over 1,100 users, the aim of the organisation is to assist the needs of over 1,100 residents. Cornerstone have been selected as Project managers for the hospital’s ERDF-funded project to introduce smart, energy efficient equipment in SVP to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the generation of electricity for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) and lighting, as well as to contribute towards the reduction of primary and end energy consumption national targets.

Cornerstone is in charge, on behalf of the Contracting Authority, to coordinate, monitor and help in the execution of the project.

The assignment comprises of the coordination of the administrative activities, in close rapport with the Project Engineering Services, executed from the project preparatory stage, including assistance in the drafting of tenders until the closure of the project, including commissioning and certifications.

We have ensured milestones and deliverables by the works contractor, are met with on time. This objective maintains the importance of executing sound management of the project from start to finish across all phases, milestones and deliverables.

Works In Progress