Retrofitting of Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Project Management

Cornerstone has been engaged by the Ministry of Energy & Water (MEW) through a service contract, as project managers to oversee the retrofitting of energy efficient street lighting on existing infrastructure.

As Project Managers we are responsible for:

  • Organising and planning the overall project methodology;
  • Ensuring quality and risk management;
  • Carrying out the planning and monitoring process;
  • Minimising the costs of the project and enhance value for money whilst still achieving the required standards and quality set out by both local and European legislation;
  • Managing and coping with any necessary changes throughout the contract duration;
  • Assisting the MEW with state audits following project execution.

In total approximately 3066 SON type lamps have been replaced by energy efficient lighting retro-fitting on the existing lighting infrastructure thereby contributing to Malta’s national energy targets.