Armed Forces of Malta (AFM)

Services Contract

Cornerstone have been selected to provide on-going architectural and structural consultancy over a period of a number of years with the objective the contract being the services of structural engineering. Cornerstone provide assistance and expertise to the AFM as, when and where required, on all matters related to premises falling under the responsibility and control of the AFM, including (but not exclusively) the upkeep, maintenance, repair, improvement and refurbishment of the said premises in relation to structural design.

The main services include:

  • Compilation of structural drawings, BOQs and reports;
  • General Structural Design (schematic/concept design) with respect to the civil works and interior and exterior finishing excluding Mechanical & Electrical;
  • Preparation of initial cost estimates for budgetary purposes;
  • Consultation with Planning Authority, Government entities, relevant bodies, stakeholders and NGO’s during the course of the planning process;
  • Revision and modification of proposals as required by Contracting Authority or Planning Authority;
  • Preparing all necessary documentation, drawings and applications in a reasonable time in relation to submitting an application to the Planning Authority.